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About Us

The development of MusycoSystem

As the music industry experiences significant change, it is increasingly difficult for young musicians to find employment and advance their careers. Limited resources and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have compounded these challenges, making it difficult for many young musicians to make a living from their passion.

MusycoSytem offers inclusive and accessible music programs for special groups, working closely with community partners to tailor our offerings to unique needs. We believe that everyone should have access to the joy of music, and we are committed to using music to bring joy, healing, and connection to all members of our community.

Our Programs

"Harmonious Relief 1.0: Unique Music Shows for Special Groups"

With a selection of songs that have a special meaning for them. From their childhood favorites to their favorite classics, we work closely with the band to arrange the songs in a way that resonates with them. Let us create a memorable musical experience that celebrates their unique stories and shared memories.

"Rhythmic Restoration 1.0: Interactive percussion workshops for well-being and relaxation"

Rhythm Restoration1.0 is a series of interactive drumming workshops designed to promote well-being and relaxation through music. Led by experienced musicians, participants will learn basic drumming techniques and rhythms, and have the opportunity to improvise and create music in an encouraging and engaging environment. No prior musical experience is required.

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